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B-Line Medical

World leader in Education Managment Systems

B-Line Medical is the world leader manufacturer of software that helps healthcare professionals and educators improve the delivery of healthcare (Education Managment Systems). Focused on the capture, debriefing, and assessment of medical training and clinical events, B-Line Medical specializes in the delivery of robust, yet easy-to-use web-based solutions. Our software has helped over 350 top hospitals, medical schools, and nursing programs in 23 countries operate and manage their training and QI programs more effectively.

The best solution for you: Your solution!

B-Line solutions are the only solutions that really adjust to your needs, optimising you center and saving you a lot of trouble and money.
Both SimCapture as LiveCapture adapts to you center, structure and budget, providing you the best experience possible. They connect to your existing cameras, to your Patient Monitors, Microscopes... and integrate all that information in only one sight, ready to use 24/7.
B-Line products are scalable, both in Hardware and in Software. Because we don't want you to pay for thing that you don't need, or if you need them after we don't want that you have to dispose your entire solution and buy a new one, our solutions are scalabe. With a small update you can upgrade your system, add features and scale the solution to your needs.
Just that easy!
Easy to use
B-Line system is constantlly improving, based on user-opinion so you have the best possible experience. We don't have menus inside menus or hidden keys, and we don't have to train you for days just to you to be able to record a scenario. With B-line, you log in and you are ready to go. Simple, intuitive, efective.
Our unique and modern system architecture allow us to use open language and open comunication standards. We integrate your camenras, your devices and your Patient Simulators nativelly in our system, you don't have to pay for it. With B-Line system you can have your cameras, your Patient Simulators, in as many rooms as you want, and grow your center on top of it's current structure without having to replace anithing, or pay extra to do it.

That's why we are the World leader in Education Managment Systems!

SimCapture (For healthcare simulation)

Record. Review. Results.










Scalable Platform to Manage Simulated Healthcare Training B-Line Medical, the first to bring web-based video capture and debriefing to the industry, has been continuously innovating to provide healthcare learners and trainers the most flexible and intuitive simulation management platform. SimCapture is a reliable, scalable software solution that enhances simulation and standardized patient center operations and management. It allows for secure, high quality video capture with data integration, immediate debriefing and robust reporting. Installed in over 350 centers, with a client retention rate of 98%, SimCapture has been advancing simulation in healthcare for over 10 years.

LiveCapture (For Hospitals)

Video Auditor

live capture

The LiveCapture Video Auditor provides a framework for hospitals to enhance and accelerate their quality improvement (QI) programs. Through a simple and automated process, LiveCapture assembles multiple video feeds, medical device(s) data and QI checklists in a single, hospital network-based interface. Captured events can be debriefed and/or audited from any authenticated device within the hospital in live or post settings. Control chart reports display process adherence rates and identify improvements that dramatically impact a hospital's bottom line. LiveCapture has a proven track record of advancing QI initiatives and achieving rapid ROI at numerous top hospitals. LiveCapture is secure, permissions-based and allows for automatic deletion of all captured sessions.







SimCapture UltraPortable (Anywhere you go)

Record and Review from Anywhere.
SimCapture Portable

SimCapture Ultraportable is a compact, all-inclusive audiovisual solution built on SimCapture's robust platform. It is an affordable, flexible system that comes with everything you need. You can set up in minutes and it allows you to record in-situ simulations and debrief from anywhere, at any time.

  • Setup and record in less than 5 minutes
  • No AV infrastructure required
  • HD audio with 4 integrated mics
  • 2 HD Cameras
  • 1 DVI/HD source (patient monitor/ultrasound/da Vinci)
  • Weighs less than 9 Kg
We put our knowlage and experience to your service.

Don't worry, we handle everything!

Just get in touch with us and we will help you decide what is the best solution for you. With your building plans we can help you to build your center, and we will help you position all cameras and server and integrate everithing you need. We have a team of engineers and technitians fully dedicated to help you bring your projects to life. We will work with you planing the space, material and needs, and more than that we bring our experience with us and we put it to your service.

All quotes include:

  • Complete Audiovisual/Managment Solution
  • Consulting and Installation Planning
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Formation and Training
  • Warranty and Maintenance

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