Ultrasound: learn faster, learn better with Scantrainer

MedaPhor is a global provider of advanced ultrasound training simulators for medical professionals. Founded in 2004, we have headquarters in Cardiff, UK and San Diego, USA, and our customers are some of the world's leading medical institutions. Our core guiding principle from day one has been to provide world-class ultrasound training solutions to our customers. Our product, ScanTrainer, offers the very latest in advanced ultrasound simulation.

A disruptive equipment

Teaching, learning and assessment in one comprehensive self-learning package.

ScanTrainer is the only simulator that offers teaching, learning and assessment in one comprehensive self-learning package. No other training simulator provides such a complete and realistic learning pathway for both novice and advanced practitioners. The realistic scanning experience allows trainees to practice and learn on real patient scans, with expert videos, on-screen guidance and real-time feedback. Each module has a final exam to test a trainee’s knowledge, and the multi-case assessment modules allow objective assessment of ultrasound scanning skills on randomised normal and pathology patients.


ScanTutor takes simulation-based ultrasound learning to a new level by replicating the Gold Standard training practice of one-on-one expert tuition.

Learning resources

A range of pre-practice teaching resources includes expert videos for each assignment, scanning technique schematics, references, and notes on common variants.

Practice with an expert

ScanTrainer has two training modes: ‘Guided Practice’ mode allows trainees to watch and replicate an expert’s scanning skills by following an expert video of them performing the scan on screen as they scan.


Finally trainees are assessed in ‘Assessment’ mode where all expert guidance is deactivated and the trainees are on their own. Trainees are provided with feedback using Scan Trainer’s unique Learning Management System which passes/fails each task according to gold standard metrics.


ScanTrainer Cloud – a cloud-based version of ScanTrainer.
It runs over the internet rather than locally on the ScanTrainer PC, which means that it offers tutors and trainees more flexible and automated use of their system. For trainees ScanTrainer Cloud offers remote access to their results and the suite of advanced learning resources – from any internet-enabled device. For tutors it enables them to remotely access results, usage statistics and share bespoke modules with other ScanTrainer Cloud users across the world– available from any internet-enabled device. For hospitals, teaching schools and regulatory bodies ScanTrainer Cloud can enable the roll out of regional, national or international standardised training programmes with centralised access to results and certification. The remote access capabilities mean that independent reviewers can access examination data and offer off-site pass or fail. More information available here: ScanTrainer Cloud

What makes our simulator the best:

  • Unparalel realism
  • Real, full anatomy scans
  • State of the art real feel Haptic technology
  • Real expert guidance with scantutor
  • The best skills performance assessment
  • Real Savings
  • Create your own modules
  • ScanTutor
  • Easy-to-use
  • High resistant material
  • Four types of training modules (Core skills, Advanced skills, Super assessment modules, Case studies)
  • More than 100 real patient cases
  • Modules designed for Gynecology, General Medicine, Obstetrics, Emergency Medicine
  • Objective metric assesment
  • Integration via web with ScanTrainer Clooud

ScanTrainer TVS (Transvaginal Simulator)

The best simulator for a complete education on TTE and TTE.

ScanTrainer TVS uses an endo-cavity haptic probe and constraint to accurately replicate the feel of conducting transvaginal ultrasound examinations. In addition to Core Skills modules in gynaecology and first trimester obstetrics, a comprehensive library of Advanced Skills modules and Case Studies is available, including key first trimester scenarios (such as ectopic, miscarriage, twins etc) and common gynaecology pathologies (such as fibroid, IUCD positioning etc). ScanTrainer TVS is available in Standard, Portable and Lite versions.

Emergency Medicine

ScanTrainer TAS (Transabdominal Scaner)

The most authentic simulation solution

A unique floor-mounted haptic device, developed specifically for ScanTrainer, replaces the need for mannequins and provides a highly realistic abdominal scanning experience, replicating different patient and body part profiles. A virtual patient is shown on the second display to help with probe placement. This enables the system to cover various specialities, including Obstetrics, Gynaecology, General Medical and Emergency Medicine, with no additional hardware. Future modules such as MSK and paediatrics, will be able to faithfully replicate the scanning experience for that area.

Emergency Medicine
General Medical

ScanTrainer provides a growing library of training modules for Core Skills, as well as advanced pathology-related scanning skills and interpretive Case Studies for the more experienced user.

Core skills

Using a selection of normal patient scans, these modules teach basic transvaginal and transabdominal ultrasound scanning skills. These include: Orientation and probe manipulation Identification and imaging of normal structures Making appropriate measurements There is detailed feedback available for all assignments, and the structured learning process is completed with a timed final examination to test newly acquired skills.

Advanced skills

These modules teach more advanced skills on a range of difficult cases and typical pathologies using real patient scans. These skills include: Identification and imaging of difficult or abnormal structures Making appropriate measurements As with Core Skills modules, there is detailed feedback available for all assignments.

Super assessment modules

Super Assessment modules that are designed to simulate the real life experience of examining and diagnosing patients in a busy hospital clinic. These new modules replicate the nature of real life scanning by testing a trainee’s ability to diagnose 10 randomly selected patient scenarios. The module assesses the trainee on a case-by-case basis and passes or fails their performance. Trainees are then offered detailed feedback to explain the correct diagnosis.

Case studies

Case Studies present a library of both common and rare pathologies which more advanced trainees can use to help develop image interpretation and differential diagnosis skills. These Case Studies may be used to create customised assessment modules – Tutors can easily add their own multiple choice questions and answers, allowing them to be tailored to specific levels of trainee and different training programmes.

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