Gold Standard in artificial lungh and mechanical ventilation

Organis-GmbH is a Swiss company founded in 2011 by respiratory physiology and mechanical ventilation experts. It is the developer and the manufacturer of TestChest, a highly realistic lung simulator dedicated for basic and advanced training for anesthesiologists, intensive care physicians and nurses.

TestChest had the CE marking in 2012 and since that date, we continue our passion for Mechanical Ventilation by continuously improving and extending the capabilities of the high fidelity simulator in order to satisfy all the requirements of this field. We are ambitious and passionate and we are looking for worldwide collaborators and distributors in order to share the know-how and help healthcare professionals by providing the ultimate tool for their training.

Test Chest

Gold Standard in artificial lungh and mechanical ventilation.

TestChest is an innovative full physiologic artificial lung that provides a breakthrough in mechanical ventilation training. TestChest promotes a safe and controlled environment free from risks of the clinical environment and eliminates the necessity of training on animals.

Unique features
TestChest has unique features in terms of representing complex breathing patterns through programmable driving pressure (p0.1) and respiratory rate. Muscular activity, important criteria for weaning, can be easily simulated. TestChest has variable resistance and its inspiratory compliance is a non-linear function that can be represented as S-shape curve. TestChest has a programmable FRC and allows the simulation of lung collapse and recruitment as well as hysteresis of the pressure-volume loop.
Artificial Finger
TestChest realistically replicates gas exchange and hemodynamic responses and they can be mesuared with real instrumentation.
TCP/IP communication
The communication with TestChest is effectuated via standard TCP/IP network connections. TestChest includes a user interface software that runs on any windows PC to be connected via Ethernet interface to the simulator.
Calibration standards
The calibration TestChest is based on national standards due to the detachable calboard module. The latter contains alveolar, airway, and ambient pressure sensors as well as a temperature and oxygen sensors. A mass flow controller for CO2 delivery, programmable dead space and leakage are available.
Accurate for years of use
TestChest consists of two bellows driven by a linear motor. The large volume ensures a realistic replication of vital capacity and FRC of an ICU adult patient. TestChest features a detachable calibration module, which makes it accurate for years of use.
Checking functionalities
TestChest is not only limited to training as it is further intended to check the functionalities of ventilators, CPAP devices and other respiratory support devices in laboratories facilities.

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