Gold Standard in bronchoscopy simulation

The ORSIM has been designed as an affordable solution to address an urgent need to improve bronchoscopy training. We have developed a high quality, virtual reality, bronchoscopy simulator that is small, portable and capable of running off a laptop. This combined with the latest computer graphics and simulation technology takes hands-on experience to a new dimension.

Our talented development team includes software engineers, 3-D graphics and user interface experts, simulator designers, electronics engineers and industrial designers. The development has been directed by an anesthesiologist who specialises in airway management and flexible bronchoscopy.

Broncoscopy simulator

Small, smart & portable.

The ORSIM consists of three main parts: a replica video bronchoscope, a desktop sensor and a dedicated laptop with software program.
The replica video bronchoscope is connected to the small desktop sensor. The sensor registers movement of the insertion tube and translates this to a three-dimensional virtual airway displayed through the software on the laptop screen. The user can progress through a range of upper and lower airway scenarios receiving instant feedback as well as scoring metrics, recording and play-back.
The ORSIM provides comprehensive training for a common diagnostic procedure, which until now has required lengthy specialist training. Based on its size, simplicity and economy, it is suitable for large training organizations as well as individual practices.

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