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In SEEMSREAL work continuously to be able to offer you the best solutions on the market regardless of the specialty. Because only the best ones deserve our full thrust, this is a careful selection of brands, equipment Gold Standard and market leaders in different areas. Our Premium Selection.

World leader in Medical Simulators and with the Gold Standards: Victoria and Hal and a thechnology that allow all our simulators to be the most realistic, phisiologically correct, portable and wireless.

World leader Simulated Environment Management Systems (LMS) and the only system that really adjusts to your needs, both in hardware and in software.

Gold Standard Standard in Transthoracic and Tranesophageal Ultrasonography, and excellent learning tools for anatomy and cardiology.

Gold Standard in training systems for Transabdominal and Transvaginal Ultrasonography dedicated to General Medicine, Gynecology, Obstetrics and Emergency Medicine.

Gold Standard in mechanical ventilation and assisted respiration.

Gold Standard in training equipment for bronchoscopy.

Leader in Low Cost solutions for skills training, medical simulation and Patient Monitoring.

Our commitment is to provide you the best products on the market!

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