"Thin Man"- Sequential Human Anatomy Program

"Thin Man"- Sequential Human Anatomy Program View larger

"Thin Man"- Sequential Human Anatomy Program

"Thin Man"- Sequential Human Anatomy Program.
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Explore the human body layer-by-layer by peeling away transparent mylar overlays.

Displayed on the rear view of the Thin Man is a full-figure diagram of the skeletal and nervous systems. Over 200 anatomical features are named indexed keyed in this amazingly detailed anatomical chart.

The layers of the Thin Man poster display the following systems:

  • 1st layer: Musculature of the head neck thorax and abdomen

  • 2nd layer: Brain thyroid and salivary glands eye tongue teeth heart and major vessels lungs stomach liver and intestines

  • 3rd layer: Sinuses nasal septum tongue trachea heart chambers vessels pancreas spleen large intestine

  • 4th layer: Esophagus pleura aorta inferior vena cava intercostal vessels and nerves autonomic nerve trunk kidneys and adrenal glands

  • 5th layer (full figure): Brain pharynx vertebral column rib cage muscles of upper and lower extremities pelvic organs and muscles

This anatomical poster is a great way to learn the systems of the human body...almost like having a set of anatomy flashcards for every system of the human body condensed into one detailed chart.

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