Hand Skeleton Model

Hand Skeleton Model

Hand Skeleton Model with Ligaments.
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The 3 part hand skeleton base model shows the anatomical detail of the ligaments and tendons found in the hand wrist lower forearm.

The interosseous membrane between the radius and ulna is shown along with the bones of the hand. The flexor retunaculum is removable from the hand skeleton. In addition there is a removable portion that can be fitted on the back of the hand model. This portion features the clinically important structures of the carpal tunnel such as the flexor retinaculum mediane nerve tendons of the hand.

The bones muscles tendons ligaments nerves arteries veins are all featured in the high quality 4 part model with muscules of the hand and lower forearm.

The dorsal side of the hand shows the extensor muscles as well as portions of the tendons at the wrist as they pass under the extensor retunaculum.

The palmar face of the hand is represented in three layers the first two are removable to allow detailed study of the deeper anatomical layer of the hand.

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