Breast Advanced Simulator

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Breast Advanced Simulator

Breast Exam Advanced Simulator.
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The Breast Exam Advanced Simulator enables unparalleled realism in the clinical examination and teaching of self-breast exam. Unlike other simulators, density of breast tissue varies in simulated such as in a living patient. Tumors of various sizes (1-4 cm diameter), shapes (round, oval, irregular / starry), and densities can be entered by the instructor for a wide combination of training scenarios.

Tumors represent adnomas, cysts, malignant tumors and swollen lymph glands. The simulator has ribs, sternum and clavicle and palpable lymph ganglia increased in axillary and subclavian areas. The orange peel skin inflammation, inverted nipple, dimpling of the skin and asymmetry are portrayed in incredibly realistic skin.

The Advanced Breast Exam Simulator was developed for an examination in the supine position, but can also be used in a standing position, if desired. Training can also be done without overlapping skin. It includes a lower rigid body, holes for inserting the left and right breasts, overlapping skin, three sets of tumors (pits 27), talc powder, rigid carrying case and instructions.

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