Heart and Lungs Children Simulator

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Heart and Lungs Children Simulator

Heart and Lungs Children Simulator.
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This sound generator with heart and self-sufficient lung beeps of the heart and lungs typical of a four year old. Use any stethoscope at normal listening location for a pediatric assessment to hear the real sounds of the lung and heart. The device can be controlled from a conventional computer using the mouse and monitor, laptop or by special remote control. An external speaker jack allows the transmission of sounds to the entire classroom, or you can use it to audible test one or more students at once.

Transmissions in the classroom column / sounds in specific locations, allow students to listen to the sound exact anomalies found when auscultam the dummy. No programming is required. Simply connect, install the USB mouse and the monitor cable, and point and click on their way to excellence as a student in the knowledge of the sound of the lungs and heart.

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