Manikin Advanced Simulator for nursing KERI

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Manikin Advanced Simulator for nursing KERI

Manikin Advanced Simulator for nursing KERI.
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Keri™ has a nonspecific appearance of age. Realistic full range of motion, realistic positioning of the patient and without compression joints - moving like a person.

  • Lightweight - approximately 28 lbs (12.7 kg)
  • Dummy with real size of an adult - measures 58 "(1.47 m)
  • Female General appearance
  • Convert to men with removing wig and placement of male genital organs

Visual inspection:

  • Normal and cancerous wart
  • Sacral ulcer stage 1
  • Dilated pupils and contracted
  • Folds of reddish skin

Simulation Patient Care:

  • Dressings and bandaging
  • Baths in bed
  • Clothing Exchanges -Placement And removal of dentures, upper and lower
  • Irrigation of the ear canal, optic drops and placement of hearing aid
  • Eye Irrigation
  • Manipulation of the fingers and toes with filleting - Flexible and individually molded
  • Wash and comb her hair
  • Intramuscular injection Areas: Arm, thigh and buttocks
  • Nasal and oral hygiene: Wash, gavage and aspiration
  • Ostomy Care: Fabric for ileostomy and colostomy
  • Maintenance and machine application, washing and vacuuming
  • Patient positioning
  • Transferring the patient Techniques
  • Beware perineal
  • Beware tracheostomy, washing and vacuuming
  • Gastrostomy procedures, washing and gavage
  • Enema of Directors, female only
  • Urinary catheterization, female and male uncircumcised
  • Pap and washing
  • Examination of prostate, stage B
  • Placement of nasogastric probe
  • Internal fluid tanks

The Advanced Simulator Mannequin Keri ™ simulates more than 35 medical and nursing procedures and also includes:

  • Training lieutenant IV with an intramuscular injection in the shoulder area with replaceable skin and veins winding when palpated; realistic flashback confirms correct needle placement
  • Left Arm Blood Pressure Training that reproduces all five Korotkoff sounds and allows the instructor to vary systolic and diastolic levels, heart rate, volume and auscultation hiatus
  • Standard Arms with areas of intramuscular injection on the right and left shoulder are also included
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