Birth Simulator

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Birth Simulator

Birth Simulator, black.
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This versatile birthing simulator is the pelvic cavity with anatomical landmarks relevant and contours of the bony structures of the pelvis colored.

The model allows practice intrauterine management and offers the following possibilities to practice prenatal measures, intrapartum and postpartum:

  • Palpation of fontanelle, spine, knees and elbows fetus
  • Vertex presentation
  • Normal Vaginal delivery
  • Delivery with presentation of full buttocks, frank and podalic
  • Delivery with cesarean section
  • Vertex presentation and buttocks in multiple births
  • Total placenta previa statement, partial and marginal
  • Prolapse of the umbilical cord
  • Maneuver Ritgen
  • 3 soft vulva inserts for episiotomy practice
  • Normal the placenta and umbilical cord
  • Simulate suction the nose and mouth of the baby

Supplied with 2 abdomen coatings (skin color / transparent), 1 male fetus model and 1 female fetus with placenta model, 5 artificial umbilical cords, umbilical clamps 2, talc and carrying case.

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