Interactive baby-doll Ready-or-Not-Tot Male

Interactive baby-doll Ready-or-Not-Tot Male View larger

Interactive baby-doll Ready-or-Not-Tot Male

Interactive baby-doll Ready-or-Not-Tot Male.
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The original doll that simulates the different needs of the baby! Take the charm of pregnancy in adolescent age and show their students the realities of the real world.

Features interactive doll-baby Ready-or-Not-Tot:

  • Three different care programs can be selected, each of which is typical for most infants, each of which can simulate difficult stages beyond the normal requirements of a child care provider.
  • The programs contain events for care that are not predictable for students, but they are easy to identify by teachers.
  • Screaming, coo and burp in response to the corresponding care.
  • The programs last for 48 hours and work uninterrupted.
  • Includes a "demo" option.
  • The attention of the student is required by the care events for a set time period, as appropriate, between 5 and 30 minutes.
  • During the program 48 hour cycle are between 25 and 27 for the care event (resulting in a total of 7 hours of treatment).
  • Provides a full inspection of the experience with the care of the child by teachers.
  • Contains a "panic" button in case of problems arise to calm the doll without that comes to be necessary to interrupt the simulation altogether.
  • Teachers are advised in case of abuse, panic or attempts to tamper with the control unit.
  • The newborn doll has a size corresponding to that of an infant of a mother in adolescent age, or 2.7 kg, 50 cm.
  • Anatomically correct.

The delivery includes 1 set of didactic accompanying material, one set of accompanying materials for teaching, a statement of agreement and permission of parents ready to copy, an answer sheet for students, a model for the correction for teaching, one 9 V battery and operating instructions.

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