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NEUROtables in French.
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On 21 pages with over 60 detailed illustrations the NEUROtables reveal the human brain in various views and sectional layers. The anatomical structures of the individual illustrations are numbered and named on each page.

The NEUROtables offer optimal support for neurological anatomy: for studies exam preparations and even in the dissecting room (since they are washable). They are also an optimal supplement for the software products NEUROteacher and NEUROtrainer.

The NEUROtables are a great study aid like flash cards. Studying the central nervous system and the anatomy of the human brain is made easy. The NEUROtables cover the following areas:

  • Brain (overview)
  • Spinal medulla brain stem brain stem center & cerebellum
  • Diencephalon (overview & sections)
  • Cerebrum (cerebral cortex limbic system and basal ganglia)
  • Cerebral nerves (I-XII & N. trigeminus)
  • Vessels & ventricular system
  • Functional systems (somatomotor somatosensory olfactory optic vestibular & acoustic systems)

Printed on size A4 tear-resistant washable plastic with spiral binding.

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