CD-ROM Histopathology

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CD-ROM Histopathology

CD-ROM Histopathology, English.
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This new worldwide presentation of a histopathology course unites illustration of what is seen through the microscope with spoken explanation in a very nice way. The program accompanies the medical students through the entire course of histopathology, but also assists the most experienced practitioners in his restudy the basic knowledge.

All important details of microscopic pathology course can be recapitulated and the user has the option to select the preparations as well as to regulate their speed in individual studies. The selection of images may be made according to areas of the body and / or clinical grouping. Each screen then shows several microscopic views in classic colorful and excellent presentation; the zoom function enables a magnification up to 200%. If desired, a table of text can be selected, as well as the spoken explanation for the properties of the cell and tissue represented in the images.

An additional text window shows a short summary of the histological diagnosis of clinical illustration, an alphabetical index and a glossary of the most common technical terminology.

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