Rescue Vest for Rescue Randy

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Rescue Vest for Rescue Randy

Rescue Vest for Rescue Randy.
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It became apparent that standard techniques of patient manipulation are no longer suitable for the extrication of morbidly obese. The physical limitations of the buildings in some of these patients reside also require special attention.

The Fact manikin bariatric Rescue replicates the weight and body tissue movement associated with morbidly obese patients. This simulation is made possible by an "exo-fact" which allows the user to add up to 440 lbs. of water. When the exercise is completed, you can simply drain the water, thus making the dummy more "portable".

In its dried version, the dummy can be easily transported between locations. The bariatric Fact fits only on manikins Randy Regular (167 cm) bald manikins.

Fact is just to use the manikin.

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