AirSim Multi Model with nasal passage

AirSim Multi Model with nasal passage

AirSim Multi Model with nasal passage.
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The AirSim Multi contains the main characteristics of AirSim Standard (W47401) with the addition of a nasal passageway and a chin.

The Multi AirSim facilitates training of nasal procedures as well as technical ventilation with bag and mask.

The nasal passage was developed similarly to the main airway. This gives the same anatomical realism and functionality, important anatomical landmarks as the turbinates are clearly defined. In addition, the material used provides the same tactile feedback that is provided by the own main airway. It also offers as an option to include breakable teeth to simulate the effects of bad practice in laryngoscopy (see W47402T and W47402TN).

These features allow the AirSim Multi be used for training and practice nasotracheal intubation and nasal examination with optical fiber.

The AirSim Multi can be used in the training of all procedures provided by AirSim Standard (W47401) with the addition of:

  • Nasotracheal intubation
  • Examination with optical fiber "Awake"
  • Technical ventilation with bag and masks

Manufacturer recommends the following equipment sizes for best performance:

  • 7.0-7.5 mm diameter for nasal intubation
  • 8.0-9.0 mm diameter for oral intubation
  • Size 3 and 4 LMA laryngeal masks (similar size to other supraglottic devices)
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