Birthing Simulator

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Birthing Simulator

Birthing Simulator.
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This lifelike birthing simulator gives your trainees practice in normal vaginal delivery as well as birthing procedures for breech and vertex presentation of the fetus. This birthing simulator contains two interchangeable abdominal overlays - one containing an additional fetus in a simulated amniotic fluid sac for practicing Leopold’s maneuver the other being transparent to allow viewing of the fetal position during labor.

The birthing simulator also features:

  • Anatomically correct female pelvis with representation of internal landmarks as spinal column angled birth canal ileum ischium sacrum sacro spinious ligaments and greater sciatic notch

  • Full term foetus with fontanelles and cranial sutures

  • Placenta with six disposable umbilical cords and clamps

  • Easily replaceable spare vulva

  • Simulated blood powder

  • Soft carrying bag

The birthing simulator is a great addition to lesson on labor and the human childbirth process.

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