Truman Trauma

Truman Trauma.
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The Truman Trauma System offers an anatomically correct simulated human torso to practice various surgical procedures along with a renewed head AirSim to train in all its breadth, the airway management and resuscitation skills. The Truman Trauma System also allows using sets of replaceable tissues, giving each learner a unique and realistic surgical experience.

Development of knowledge:

  1. tube insertion chest: recognition of the right position, surgical incision, blunt dissection through the chest wall, perforation of the pleura and finger movement
  2. Decompression of clamp tension pneumothorax
  3. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  4. cricothyroidotomy of surgical forceps
  5. airways of management knowledge including tube insertion airways OP and NP, tracheal intubation, ambu bag techniques, inserting and ventilation airway supraglottic
  6. Percutaneous Tracheostomy
  7. Identification of tracheal deviation and jugular venous distension are indications attributed to tension pneumothorax


Tube insertion chest:

  1. Tube Insertion in anatomically accurate breast on the 5th intercostal space
  2. Fabric three layers representing the skin, fat and muscle tissue for a very realistic surgical incision
  3. realistic feeling of all the points of thoracic reference
  4. cavity for introduction of optional liquid for simulating hemothorax or pleural effusion

Decompression of clamp:

  1. Option to introduce air to create tension pneumothorax right or left
  2. Sets caliper decompression replacement tissues located on the 2nd intercostal space in the mid clavicular line
  3. The successful insertion of the clamp will release air with the familiar sound "hiss"


  1. The structure of realistic chest allows for easy identification of all anatomical points of reference
  2. The capabilities for full head tilt, chin lift and jaw thrust allow students to prepare the airway before resuscitation
  3. realistic rewind during compressions
  4. Successful ventilation provides an accurate representation of chest rise and fall

Knowledge of airway management:

  1. Via respiratory post-nasal and oral anatomically need
  2. Ask the larynx with palpable tracheal rings for both cricothyroidotomy of surgical forceps and percutaneous tracheostomy
  3. Full use of supraglottic airway devices
  4. endotracheal tube insertion with direct laryngoscopy
  5. effective ventilation with bag and mask
  6. simple lung isolation Capabilities

Tracheal deviation and jugular venous distension:

  1. The jugular venous distension can be observed both on the left or right side of the neck during the tension pneumothorax
  2. The tracheal deviation can be heaved and move clearly visible to pull away from the side that has the tension pneumothorax
  3. Both characteristics revert back to neutral after successful decompression needle

Product components:

  1. Model Truman Trauma
  2. Replaceable fabrics (1 set for the decompression of the clamp 1 and the pipe assembly for insertion into the chest already attached)
  3. Part 1 Combo larynx (Crico and Traci)
  4. 1 Skin attached lined neck and (2 reserves)
  5. 1 roll of duct tape
  6. Bottle 1 Lubrication Trucorp
  7. Users Guide / Instructor Guide
  8. black carrying case
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