Simon Multipurpose Airway Trainer

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Simon Multipurpose Airway Trainer

Simon Multipurpose Airway Trainer.
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This upper torso features:

  • Realistic chest cavity with trachea bronchi and lungs heart and stomach
  • Nominal 18mm airway
  • Anatomically accurate mouth tongue airway and esophagus
  • Fully articulating head neck and jaw
  • Wide straight stiffer epiglottis and realistic vocal cords
  • Soft neck with cricocartilage

The following airway management procedures can be performed:

  • Head tilt/chin lift jaw thrust and neck extension into the sniffing position - Placement of cuffed ET tubes and EOA (esophagus Obturator Airway)
  • Intubation (oral digital nasal)
  • Sellick manoeuver
  • Observation of unilateral or bilateral lung expansion under positive pressure ventilation
  • Surgical placement of tracheotomy tube
  • Emergency needle cricothyrotomy stick
  • Bilateral tension pneumothorax decompression

Supplied with 6 neck collars 3 cricocartilages membrane tape and carrying bag.

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